Work Conditions

  • Job Type: Designer(This will be described later in detail.)
  • Location: Remote (anywhere)
  • Work Pattern: More than 15 hours per week
  • Contract: Employment Contract(Part-time)or Service Contract
  • Salary: 1,000yen〜4000yen per hour
  • Required skills: This will be described later.
  • Trial period: 3 months
  • Special Note: Full benefits, Sideline business is allowed.

Advantages to work in Mobalab

  • Flexibility
    • Working hours are flexible. This is an advantage for anyone who has a baby.
    • Including other companies in the same business, having sideline business and other jobs are recommended in our company. (※1) This would be suitable for future entrepreneurs.
    • Location can be anywhere. Abroad or other cities. (※2)
  • Wide scope of work
    • As we do not have any designer in our company, you will be able to take care of a wide scope of design work.
  • Working with high-skilled software engineers will widen your skills.
    • You will not only be developing web sites but you will also work with engineers. You will be able to gain knowledge about process of development allowing your work skills to grow.
    • To work with high-skilled engineers will help you to gain hands-on experience to develop your skills such as Front-end (If you are interested in this.)
  • If you suffered from health issues due hard work at a previous job, our company will take into consideration your situation.

※1: Permission is required. Basically, it is permitted except for direct competition with our company.
※2: If you want to work outside of Japan, the contract will be a service contract due to law restriction.

Work Contents

  • UI design and Markup for our web service.
    • Improve UI of Commet
    • UI design and Markup for new service.
      • Include teaser site and LP etc.
  • UI design and Markup for customized development of software and web service.
  • Improve our company’s web site and blog.

Job Requirements


  • Will or be interested in design.
  • Interest in our company.
  • Must satisfy at least one of these:
  • At least one year of experience as a designer.
  • A specialized college degree in design.


  • ★Experience or knowledge to work with software developers
    • Git, GitHub
  • ★Operation and administration of web service such as improvements and tests etc.
  • Knowledge of Front-end(JavaScript)
  • Reading and writing in English(We might ask you to communicate with people from outside of Japan by using Upwork etc.)
  • Web marketing

★ = skills that especially good to have.

Contact Us

If you would like to know more information or you are interested in this position, please do not hesitate to contact us.