Work Conditions

As the work volumes increase, we are looking for a Project Manager

  • Job Type: Project Manager(This will be described later in detail.)
  • Location: Remote (anywhere)
  • Work Pattern: Full-time or Part-time(The work hours have to be more than 20 hours)
  • Contract: Employment Contract(Full-time)or Service Contract
  • Salary: 400,000yen〜800,000yen/per month(※1)
  • Required skills: This will be described later.
  • Trial period: 3 months
  • Special Note: Full benefits、Sideline business is allowed

※1: Full-time based salary.

Advantages to work in Mobalab

  • Flexibility
    • Working hours are flexible. This is an advantage for anyone who has a baby.
    • Including other companies in the same business, having sideline businesses and other jobs are recommended in our company. (※1) This would be suitable for future entrepreneurs.
    • Location can be anywhere. Abroad or other cities. (※2)
  • Work style of project management in our company fits with the times.
    • Many companies are trying to work flexibly these days in Japan. Along with this change, Project Management should change its working style also.
    • As our company work style is flexible for years, to acquire the skills and knowledge of project management in our company will be advantageous even when you work in other companies.
  • If you experienced health issues because of hard work at a previous job, our company will take into consideration your situation.

※1: Permission is required. Basically, it is permitted except for direct competition with the company.
※2: If you want to work outside of Japan, the contract will be a service contract due to law restriction.

Work Contents

  • Project management for commissioned development for software
    • Include communication with partner companies.
  • Management of resources between one project and the other project
  • Support and coaching for the members of developer team
    • Assign projects or tasks by considering their direction and aptitude.
    • Interview or advice when members are facing difficulties.
    • Technical support(If possible)
  • Formulate standard of project management
  • (Those who are interested)System Development
    • Acquisition of new technologies can be easier if you work as a playing manager
    • Work with high-skilled engineers.

Job Requirements


  1. You have to have an interest in at least one of these below:
    • Project management
    • Our company
  2. Must satisfy one of these below for project management:
    • At least one year experience as project management in software development(Any methods)
    • Certificate of PMP and Certified ScrumMaster etc.
  3. Must satisfy one of these as software engineer:
    • At least 3 years of experience as software engineer.(Any language is ok)
    • A University degree in Computer Science or Engineering or equivalent.
    • A Technical College or Technical School degree in Programming or Engineering.

※1〜3 are AND condition.


  • English/Japanese
    • You will communicate with people from outside of Japan.
    • We will increase off-shore development.
  • Technical skills
    • This is not a must have skill but if you want to work as a playing manager, technical skills are important.
    • Interest in new technology and improvement of how to arrange tasks
    • As we always pursue better ways to work, it will be nice if the applicants can easily adjust to changes.

Contact Us

If you would like to know more information or you are interested in this position, please do not hesitate to contact us.