As we expand our business, we are looking for full-time based software engineers.

Also, we recruit freelance engineers (Project based) at the same time.

If you are interested in this position as a software engineer, please contact us.

Work Conditions

  • Job Type: Software Engineer(This will be described later in detail.)
  • Location: Remote(anywhere)(※1, ※3)
  • Work Pattern: 5 days a week. 8 hours per day. (Another option is also available: 20+ hours per week)
  • Contract: Employment Contract (Full-time worker)
  • Salary: 250,000yen〜800,000yen/per month(※2)
  • Required skills: This will be described later.
  • Trial period: 3 months
  • Special Note: Full benefits, Sideline business is allowed

※1: If you are less-experienced, we might ask you to come around Tokyo or Chiba area until you get used to it.
※2: If you work less than 5 days a week, the salary will decrease than the above.
※3: For engineers who want to engage in deeper learning, there is a project available to work at the customer’s office (Not every day). This will not be assigned to engineers who want to work from home.

Advantages to work in Mobalab

  • Flexibility
    • Working hours are flexible. This is an advantage for anyone who has a baby.
    • Including other companies in the same business, having sideline businesses are recommended in our company.(※1) Also, this would be suitable for future entrepreneurs.
    • Location can be anywhere, abroad or other cities in Japan. (※2)
  • You can develop your skills.
    • You will work with high-skilled engineers. This will help you to gain hands-on experience to develop your skills.
  • If you experienced health issues because of work at a previous job, our company will take into consideration your situation.

※1: Permission is required. It is basically permitted except for direct competitors with our company.
※2: If you want to work outside of Japan, the contract will be a service contract due to law restriction.

Work Contents

  • Customized development of software and web service.
  • Development for new service.
    • Basis technology of new services will be Commet, which development had finished, but service itself will be new.

Job Requirements


  • Strong will to learn and interest in software development and in our company. (We believe the most important skill is interest and will to work.)
  • Must satisfy at least one of these.
    • At least one year of experience in software development. (No specific language)
    • A University degree in Computer Science or Engineering or equivalent.
    • A Technical College or Technical School degree in Programming or Engineering.

WANT – Technical

★ means high priority. Please do not hesitate to contact us even you do not know any of these below. Also, applicants who want to learn these are welcome.

  • Programming Language
    • ★Scala
    • ★Python
    • JavaScript
    • PHP
    • Swift
  • Web Library and flamework
    • ★React / Redux
    • ★Play Framework
    • ★Ruby on Rails
    • jQuery
    • Angular
    • Laravel
  • DB・middle ware
    • ★Spark
    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • Elasticsearch

We write an engineering blog. If you are interested, please take a look.

Mobalab Engineering blog

WANT – Other

  • Japanese
  • Interest in new technologies and improvements of how to arrange tasks.
    • As we always pursue better ways to work, it will be nice if the applicants are can easily adjust to changes.

Why we are hiring Full-time Workers

We often work with freelance engineers and designers. However, regarding tasks below, it does not seem appropriate to assign such tasks to free-lancers.

  • Research for technologies and documents. Enhancement of development environment.
  • Development of new products.

First, we ask free-lancers to take care of their main tasks such as programming or design. To ask them to perform a lot of other work seems uncomfortable for both of us. However, without having background knowledge of programming or design, asking for just research from other third parties is unrealistic.

Secondly, to develop new products or services, the skill is very important but also having background knowledge and a strong will helps to stick to details. Free-lancers are usually providing their skills to earn money so we think that we cannot ask them for other things that are not directly related to their work style.

It will be also nice if any free-lancers had a sense of identification with our company products or service, but then they could loose advantages working as free-lancers.

The full-time worker in our company can work the same as free-lancers as you can see in their working conditions.

Contact Us

If you just casually want to know more or you are interested in this position, please do not hesitate to contact us.